Deliveries & surgeries performed at the Women & Infants’ Center at Washington Regional Medical Center.





Deliveries & surgeries performed at the Women & Infants’ Center at WRMC.

For all women,
throughout all
stages of life.

Parkhill The Clinic for Women

Serving women in all areas!

It is our belief that comprehensive care for women should include obstetrics and gynecology along with primary care, nutritional support, counseling, and aesthetics.

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Patient Testimonials

“Through the whole pregnancy, Dr. Partridge has been wonderful. Her spirit is so sweet and you can tell she genuinely cares about her patients. She always made my husband and I feel heard and cared for. Then after delivery, she was there for me during postpartum depression, giving me the help I needed to get better. I am so appreciative of the role Dr. Partridge played in our pregnancy, birth and postpartum!”

Patient Testimonials

 “I had my first appt with Dr. Lowry today. I am excited to have a primary care physician associated with Parkhill Clinic.

Dr. Lowry listened to me and took notes while I was talking and offered suggestions for me to stay healthy based on what was important to me. She also got paperwork ready for tests needed for a future surgery. Her nurses were very helpful as well.

Thanks to Dr. Partridge for caring enough about my health to recommend Dr. Lowry as my primary care physician and making that happen for me. She continues to be in my corner.”

Patient Testimonials

“My first daughter was still born, followed by three miscarriages. Then thanks to Dr. Bailey’s diligent research I gave birth to a healthy son and daughter! I love Parkhill and Dr. Bailey!”

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Gorman and Sam (his nurse) are the most caring and loving human beings, their team is amazing! We have so much gratitude in our hearts toward them, they went far and beyond to make sure Emma and I were ok and made us feel so special. As a doctor, he exceeded every expectation, his love and passion for his job is clear! I’m sure going to miss my weekly appointments with them! But I will make up new ones just to see them.”