What is a “global” charge for maternity care?

The global charge includes up to 13 routine OB Visits (Antepartum), delivery (doctor’s fee, not hospital), and the 6 week OB Follow-Up Visit (Postpartum) and is not billed to insurance until after delivery. If a patient has a change of insurance or transfers care during pregnancy, OB care is billed out separately, not as a global charge.

How are my OB estimate payments determined?

Prior to your first prenatal appointment, we will check maternity benefits through your insurance company.  We estimate how much you will owe towards your deductible and the percentage of co-insurance at the time of delivery.  All of your prenatal care and the doctor’s portion of delivery are billed in a “global charge” once you deliver. These prepayments are held as a credit on your account until the global charge is processed through your insurance. Then they are applied to the balance created.

This is the formula we use based on your “due date” to estimate your pre-payments:

                January-April                                    75% of deductible + co-insurance

                May-August                                       50% of deductible + co-insurance

                September-December                        25% of deductible + co-insurance

When are my estimate payments due?

Your estimate is broken down into 5 monthly payments with the first payment due at your second appointment.  Most patients make these payments at their monthly appointment. You will not receive a statement during your prenatal care. If you fall behind on these payments, we will reach out to you to help you get back on track.

Are ultrasounds and lab work included in my estimate payments?

No. All lab work is billed through a separate entity.  You will receive a statement in the mail for lab work. Routine ultrasounds are done in our clinic and are billed on the date of service.  Balances created from these ultrasounds will not be collected during your pregnancy if you are current on your estimate payments. When your global charge is billed to your insurance, your prepayments will be applied to any outstanding balances created during the pregnancy first then to the  global charge. In some high risk pregnancies, multiple ultrasounds may be needed and/or non-stress tests (NSTs), creating a large balance during pregnancy. In these cases, we will revisit your financial agreement and adjust accordingly. In some cases, patients are referred outside of our clinic for high-level ultrasounds and other tests. Those will be billed separately.

What happens if I over pay or under pay on my OB estimates?

Estimates are just that and sometimes we have over or under estimated your prepayments.  If you have overpaid, you will receive a refund. If you have underpaid, you will receive a statement after your global charge has processed through your insurance.

What if I do not have insurance or my insurance does not cover maternity?

We offer a 20% discount on your global prenatal care and delivery charge if paid in full at your first prenatal visit. 

Self-Pay Payment Plan:

Prenatal care beginning in 1st Trimester

                Deposit due at prenatal visit

                5 monthly payments

Prenatal care beginning in 2nd Trimester

                Deposit due at prenatal visit

                3 monthly payments

Prenatal care beginning in 3rd Trimester—our billing department will work with you individually to make financial arrangements