From Two to Three: 24-Hours of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Written by: Ashley Milliern, Parkhill patient

Hi Friends!

I am writing today to tell you about my first pregnancy complaint thus far…sciatic nerve! It’s almost laughable thinking about my week now, that as my title has revealed this was only a 24 hour ordeal. This would be no joking matter if it had lasted longer than 24 hours…and girls if you are dealing with this I FEEL your pain. Now, here’s my little story.

My husband and I were headed to our 29 week appointment Monday morning and I was telling him how crazy it was that I hadn’t had any complications at all this pregnancy. I’m eternally grateful for this…don’t get me wrong! I was just telling him that as your guest blogger, I felt like I honestly was a little boring because everything has been going so smooth. I had a picture perfect appointment, and enjoyed telling my doctor how busy and active I have been able to be even now that I’m in my third trimester. I should of knocked on some wood!

Fast forward to Monday evening, I was bathing my son like we do every night. There was nothing out of the ordinary. When I went to stand up I could barely walk! I had a terrible pain shooting down from my left hip all the way to my foot. I practically had to drag myself to bed that night, but I felt certain it would be something I could just sleep off.

On Tuesday morning I felt fine until I got out of bed, and again could barely walk. By lunchtime I had started doing some research online and had self diagnosed myself with Pregnancy Sciatic Nerve. Now, if this was still going on I would of called my doctor to get his advice, but since it was still early and I wasn’t having any other symptoms I decided to try some home remedies first…and thankfully I am feeling almost 100% again. Let me go find some wood to knock on…

I thought it would be helpful to share what worked for me, because I feel like I am probably not alone in feeling this kind of pain. I can’t imagine if it lasted my entire pregnancy, but in my online research in some women that is the case. I found these home remedies easy to do, and I will continue them as preventative measures throughout the rest of my pregnancy. If my sciatic nerve flares back up again, I will feel much more prepared this time!

Yoga: I’ve always loved yoga, and have mixed it into my workout routine throughout my pregnancy. When I had this flare up, I had been traveling a lot and hadn’t been on my usual routine. Since I was in so much pain, I only did some select poses to help stretch the specific areas. I focused on the Pigeon Stretch, Seated Twist, & High Lunges.

I did these stretches around lunchtime, and again in the evening. By the evening I was already feeling a significant difference and was back at around 80%. On days where I am seated a lot at my desk, I am going to make a more conscious effort to get up and walk, and when I can stretch.

I also read online that a prenatal massage can greatly help. I have an at home back massager that heats, and I used that before bed working my way from my lower back all the way down my left leg. I also took an over the counter magnesium supplement that I’ve read can help with leg cramps as well as sciatic pain in pregnant women.

Today, I feel a little sore, but I am practically back to my old self! I hope to never take for granted being able to move my body, pregnant or not again! I hope that this story helps someone that might get hit unexpectedly with this pain just like I did. I’m so grateful for the easy measures I was able to take to feel better, and I hope the same for you!

Have a great rest of the week!