From Two to Three: 37-Week “Bumpdate”

Written by: Ashley Milliern, Parkhill patient

It’s been a minute since my last update, and I find myself *already* at the 37 week mark! It’s true what everyone told me, that with every pregnancy it goes by faster and faster! We are officially in baby month, and I find myself, surprisingly, a little sad to see this pregnancy coming to an end, but then I’m overcome with excitement to meet my sweet baby and finally have the ultimate gender reveal!

With my two previous pregnancies, I had very “stubborn” babies and delivered both at 41 weeks after being induced. So when I went in for my 35 week appointment to check for dilation/effacement for the first time two weeks ago, I was confident that I would be at 0 and would not have made any progress. I was shocked when my doctor told me I was at a 1-2, and 40% effaced. Not only did I not deliver until 41 weeks with my other two babies, I didn’t even dilate until after I was induced and in the hospital. This news brought a whole new reality that we are going to have a baby so soon, and my husband and I decided that we should finally narrow down our list of names!

Our 36 week appointment was uneventful, but as always I’m so grateful for a good report. I didn’t progress any further from the previous week, but baby and myself both were healthy so that is all that matters!

Our 37 week appointment this week was extra exciting because we got to have our final ultrasound and see our sweet babe one last time from the inside! Everything looked great in our ultrasound, and baby is measuring right on schedule. We also were able to confirm that he or she is in position for delivery which was a relief! After our ultrasound my doctor did my weekly check and said I am now at a “full 2” and 60% effaced. Every little bit of progress is exciting, especially because my hope is to deliver VBAC (my most recent delivery with my son was via c-section, while my daughter and first delivery was vaginal).

Here’s my favorite picture from this week’s ultrasound of our sweet babe’s face! It makes me so excited to meet him/her!

So now I guess you could say we are officially on “baby watch” and making all our final preparations before our little bundle arrives. I plan on packing my hospital bag this coming week, and getting all the newborn clothes washed. I’m still working full time, and plan to until I go into labor! I’ve been in nesting mode (this gets worse with every pregnancy for sure), and staying busy just feels right at this point! I’m so grateful to still have a lot of energy and feel good enough to work on all my projects!

I hope to continue to update you all throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but as we all know things can happen quickly so only time will tell! Be sure to follow along via my instagram account for my most up to date posts!

I’m closing off with a picture from each of my trimesters all in the same dress, the most recent one from this week! I think it’s amazing to document what our bodies can do, so I thought I would share with you all! Talk soon!