Meet the Adler Triplets!

Written by: Dr. Robert Hix

Fred and Wendy Adler, of Gentry, welcomed triplets into their family on January 24th, 2018. The babies joined 4 older siblings.

Were you surprised to find out you were expecting triplets?
Yes! We wanted to have another baby, and I secretly hoped for twins. We have twins on both sides of the family.
I went to the first ultrasound without my husband; I was sure it would be too early to see much, so I sent him on to work. Imagine my shock, to see not one, not two, but THREE little beating hearts!! I drove straight to his work and told him there in the front office.

Were there any complications throughout your pregnancy?
Actually, no. Though it was a high-risk pregnancy, everything went very smoothly. I was closely monitored by both my OB and my MFM (maternal fetal medicine doctor). Other than a sub chorionic hematoma, which is common in multiple gestations, I had no issues.

What was your experience, delivering?
Dr. Hix delivered, at my 35 week scheduled C-section, with the aid of his nurse Sherri. It was a huge comfort to have them both there. Dr. Hix has delivered 6 of our 7 children.

There were 21 people in the operating room! Each baby had his/her own support team. Some of those nurses became like family to us, during our NICU stay. Brandi Sprouse, my lactation consultant, even took photos for us during the C-section.

Lincoln Crusoe was born at 9:02am, weighing 4lb 12oz. Liberty Bridgitt (named after my best friend) was born at 9:03am, weighing 4lb 7oz. Lucy Vivienne was born last, also at 9:03am, weighing 4lb 2oz. Lincoln needed oxygen initially, but both girls were on room air.

Tell us about the babies!
Lincoln is our laid-back cuddle bug, always grinning and cooing. He loves playing pat-a-cake, getting kisses, and going for walks.

Liberty is the smallest now but makes up for her size with a big personality. She alternates squealing, growling, and making a whole slew of other barnyard noises! She especially loves baths.
Lucy may have been born last, but she leads the pack. She was the first to nurse, the first to graduate from the NICU, and the first to smile. Her favorite song is the Hokey Pokey. She has a silly, quirky personality which gives us some hilarious photos.

What’s it like being parents of multiples? How has your family adjusted?
At first it was very intimidating. You’re scared for their health and yours, during the pregnancy. Then worried about the financial aspect of caring for 3 infants. And, of course, there’s a serious lack of sleep! But we’ve found our groove and adapted to our new normal. The older kids adore the babies, and vice versa. I can’t imagine our lives without them now.

Do you have any advice for other parents of multiples?
I can’t stress enough, the importance of having a good support network!
My online triplet support group has been invaluable, helping with everything from the feeding schedule to stroller recommendations, and general emotional strength. Our family, friends, and church have blessed us so much. We couldn’t have transitioned this smoothly without all the help.