What if you could have a hysterectomy with less pain, faster recovery, and no scars?


vNOTES (vaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) is a minimally invasive hysterectomy surgery that eliminates the need for your surgeon to make incisions in your abdomen to perform the surgery. In the vNOTES procedure, your doctor uses specialized instruments inserted through the vagina instead of making incisions in your abdomen. This allows your doctor to gain access to the uterus and/or fallopian tubes and ovaries without any visible scarring.*

vNOTES procedure provides the following benefits:


No Scars


Less Postoperative Pain


Shorter Hospital Stay


Faster Recovery Time


Dr. Partridge is certified to offer the vNOTES procedure to our patients! She will walk you through the pre-surgery testing, any information on eating, drinking, medications before the procedure, and answer any of your questions!

“The vNOTE hysterectomy is a minimally invasive surgery that combines the benefits of laparoscopic and vaginal surgery. The recovery is shorter than a traditional hysterectomy, there are no incisions required and no need to stay in the hospital overnight.”

Dr. Partridge